Pink Eye in Cattle a Personal testimony

Pink Eye in Cattle – A Personal Testimony

Are you struggling with pink eye in cattle? It is October 2018, and Hurricane Michael is ripping through the Florida panhandle, as well as, parts of Alabama and Georgia. Instantly, the lives of Curtis and Phoebe Williams change. Immediately, they are facing the long, drawn-out process of repairing physical damages to their farm. Little do…

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Protecting Cattle from Pink Eye

Protecting Cattle from Pink Eye – 3 Tips you need to know

  Fly season is just around the corner. If you have cattle, you know flies can create a major problem with pink eye and protecting cattle from pink eye can be difficult. Face flies are attracted to the excessive tearing that occurs at the onset of this very contagious infection. As the face flies travel…

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What to do when your horse has a hoof abscess