Pink Eye problems...Curicyn can help

Livestock Pink Eye problems…Curicyn can help

Livestock Pink Eye problems can wreak havoc for ranchers. Mark Tolley is a rancher/backgrounder in the Darden, Tennessee area. He and his father, Marty, operate Tolley Farms. The heifer in this picture came in a large group of cattle the Tolleys purchased. When she arrived, she had pink eye in both eyes. The left eye…

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Pink Eye Solution

Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution for Livestock & Animals

Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution for Livestock and Animals Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution is a gel-based product. It specifically addresses Pink Eye and its effects. The product is perfect for livestock, equine, goats, sheep, swine, companion pets, and more. In addition, it helps promote healing in 1-3 days, is easy to use, and is a single…

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How to wean puppies
Pink Eye in Cattle a Personal testimony

Pink Eye in Cattle – A Personal Testimony

Are you struggling with pink eye in cattle? It is October 2018, and Hurricane Michael is ripping through the Florida panhandle, as well as, parts of Alabama and Georgia. Instantly, the lives of Curtis and Phoebe Williams change. Immediately, they are facing the long, drawn-out process of repairing physical damages to their farm. Little do…

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Tips to keep your horse stress free during transport

Tips to keep your horse stress-free during transport

It’s essential to understand the importance of keeping your horse stress-free during transport. A trip can be as hard on your horse as it is on you. It can leave your animal tired, sore, and uncomfortable. Whether you are a competitor, a trail rider, or just transporting your horse to a different location, preparations beforehand, a…

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BodyGuard Fly Flea Tick and Insect Repellent
Curicyn's Equine Triage Kit

Equine Triage Kit

Check out the New Curicyn Equine Triage Kit. It is the perfect kit to have on hand in the barn, in your horse trailer, or strapped to your backpack when you go out for an afternoon ride. Order one today!   You may also be interested in our HORSE CARE TIP videos. Curicyn’s Equine Triage Kit  …

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5 Things to consider when purchasing a bed for your dog

5 Things to consider when purchasing a bed for your dog…

  Recently my husband and I purchased a new bed. Before spending our money, we researched, talked with professionals, and tried out different mattresses. Why? We all know the answer to that—our time sleeping has a big impact on our time awake. The same is true for our dogs. According to Clark (2016), “On average,…

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Protecting Cattle from Pink Eye

Protecting Cattle from Pink Eye – 3 Tips you need to know

  Fly season is just around the corner. If you have cattle, you know flies can create a major problem with pink eye and protecting cattle from pink eye can be difficult. Face flies are attracted to the excessive tearing that occurs at the onset of this very contagious infection. As the face flies travel…

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