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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Curicyn is recommended for use on equine, livestock, and companion pets. Effectiveness may vary from species to species. Smaller species may require application by swab or similar device.

Answer: Curicyn is formulated as a skin cleaner, wound cleaner, and wash for abrasions, cuts, scrapes, skin rashes, and burns.

Answer: Curicyn is not intended for internal use, however it is non-toxic and not expected to cause illness if accidentally ingested in small quantities. If ingested, consult your doctor or medical professional.

Answer: Curicyn is not harmful to the skin. There is no need to wear gloves or other personal protective equipment or apparel during use.

Answer: For most situations or ailments, Curicyn should be applied directly to the site of concern 3-5 times per day.

Answer: The ingredients are ionized water, hypochlorous acid, potassium iodide, and a proprietary carrier ingredient which has been specifically formulated to cleanse and moisten wounds, help reduce inflammation and help prevent bacteria from entering the affected area.

Answer: Curicyn has been proven extremely effective in cleansing and moistening wounds which helps reduce inflammation and promotes healing.

Answer: Under normal storage conditions (no excessive heat or prolonged freezing temperatures), Curicyn is stable for at least 2 years based on current testing.

Answer: It is best to store Curicyn out of direct sunlight, as excessive UV exposure over time could possibly degrade the product.

Answer: This product is not for internal use. Curicyn has a reasonably long shelf life, but should not be stored in direct sunlight or excessive heat for extended periods.

Answer: Curicyn does not require a prescription. It is formulated from a synergistic combination of several non-regulated, over-the-counter (OTC), food grade substances.