Curicyn gives back. Recently the Curicyn Team filled a truck with Curicyn Wound Care products for the Campfire animal victims.

Curicyn gives back

At Curicyn, we believe that it takes more than money to make our world a better place. It also requires action. In the words of Winston Churchill, “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.” That is why we believe passionately about giving back and making a difference.

Curicyn gives back through two programs, Curicyn Heroes and Curicyn Disaster Relief.

Curicyn Heroes

This program helps in the following ways.

  • Discounts are provided to selected 501(c)3 certified shelters, rescues, and organizations.
  • Promotions providing Curicyn products for local shelters and rescues are offered through selected retailers.
  • Discount codes are provided for selected 501(c)3 certified shelters, rescues, and organizations to use on their websites. A percentage of each sale processed with their discount code goes to the shelter, rescue, or organization.

Curicyn Disaster Relief 

This program offers support to Veterinarians by providing Curicyn products to help injured animals after a disaster.

We treat and care for thousands of animals each year through these programs.

Some organizations we support:

Interested organizations can check out our products HERE