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Curicyn Is Different…

Curicyn™ was developed in its initial formulation to address mastitis in dairy cattle. When its effectiveness was immediately recognized, the applications were expanded to such issues as pink eye in cattle, saddle sores on horses, hoof rot and white line disease. The results were quite impressive.

Various chemistry parameters have been optimized to create a unique and synergistic formula that very effectively helps eliminate inflammation while simultaneously stimulating the healthy rejuvenation of new tissue. Extensive testing on mixtures containing some of the compounds in Curicyn has been performed on common bacteria strains known to be troublesome in equine, cattle, companion pets and other animals. These laboratory results and field trials indicate Curicyn to be highly effective as a topical wound and skin wash formula.

All of the ingredients in Curicyn are “food grade” or “high purity” ingredients. Two of the lesser, but potent ingredients are found in food sources in high concentrations and they naturally will not promote bacterial growth. One of them has been identified by the World Health Organization as an essential health element. This synergistic mixture accelerates the animals own natural healing mechanisms.

Curicyn offers unparalleled value. Our product pricing is exceptional. Similar products currently available do not possess the effective properties of Curicyn, all in a product that is non-toxic and environmentally compatible.

Our commitment to animal health

Animals of all kinds support our way of life; they work for us, provide nourishment for us, give their companionship and so much more.  As a company, we understand that you are passionate about your animals, and we strive to gain your trust to protect their skin and address their wound-care needs.  Our focus is on producing uniquely-developed solutions to better enhance your animal’s well-being.

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