Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution

Curicyn’s Pink Eye Solution is a gel-based product. It specifically addresses Pink Eye and its effects. In addition, it helps promote healing in 1-3 days. The product is perfect for livestock, equine, goats, sheep, swine, companion pets, and more. Easy to use, single application.

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“I received my products yesterday and it’s already beginning to work today! I am sold! Thanks! I am a customer and will be ordering more in the next couple of weeks. I’m a believer……IT WORKS!” Tom Coffee, Glenham, SD

“Thank you! This product worked on my cattle just like you said it would. Started working right away and was cleared up in just a few days. I have already told all of my rancher friends about it and let my supplier know they should be carrying it.” Eddie R Thomas SR. North Spoon Ranch, Commerce,  GA

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Curicyn Pink Eye Solution

For more information, read Pink Eye in Cattle – A Personal Testimony or watch Curicyn Pink Eye Solution.

Pink Eye Solution is available in 3 sizes.



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