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Our Story

Curicyn is one of those stories starting from the back of a pickup truck. In just a short period of time, a small group of friends, entrepreneurs and horse trainers put some real science in what started as a homemade remedy concocted by a vet-trained cowboy. As a global company with roots in both medical, nuclear and industrial technologies, the chemistry became the priority followed by a series of field trials conducted by well-respected horsemen, trainers and veterinarians across the USA. The result is a unique and powerful formulation that has consistently demonstrated in field cases to be an extremely effective animal wound and skin care product. A product effective on a wide variety of ailments and issues and one that can used on virtually all animal species. Curicyn Original Formula was just the first spark of our innovation. Product development is just one of our strengths and we invest heavily in it. Our primary objective is to provide uniquely-developed solutions to better enhance your animal’s well-being.

Get to know us, we think you will like our energy, service attitude and the market values for which we stand. We understand that you are passionate about your animals, and we strive to gain your trust to address their wound and skin care needs. The core Curicyn team consists of equine specialists, pet experts, scientists, engineers and businesspeople. We are committed animal owners and business leaders and determined to bring Curicyn to every barn, stable, kennel and household.

GRI operates with the fundamental belief that its future prosperity is directly linked to the long-term prosperity of its clients.

The foundation of our company culture is built on shared core values that, as an organization of individuals, we continuously strive to achieve in every aspect of our professional lives. The embracement of our diversified culture, as a root, contributes to our success as a global company.

The Choice of Champions.