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Customer Testimonials

Dr. Tony Scheiber
Veterinarian, WY
Deep cut down to the bone treated with Curicyn for 14 Days AFTER 6 Weeks of other products/treatments failed to work.

“I treated it as I usually do, but after 6 weeks it just quit healing no matter what I tried.  I started using Curicyn and it immediately started to heal again.  Great product, and I would use this product in the future.”

– Nominated for PRCA Vet of the Year

After 14 Days
Tanner Bryson
Bryson Ranch, AZ
Shoulder Wound – Deep shoulder wound treated with nothing but Curicyn for 5 week, 3 times daily topical application.

“The best part… she doesn’t show any lameness and there really isn’t any swelling.”

– B Cross Horses and Trainer of 3 PRCA Horses of the Year

Les Vogt
Les Vogt Bits and Spurs, CA
Bacterial blowout.

“No Question – Fastest healing meds ever around! Best product of its kind – nothing comparable!”

– Les Vogt Training / Les Vogt Bits and Spurs
– 15 Time World Champion

After 14 Days
Clay Logan
Performance Horses, Granbury, TX
“Had to take a horse to the vet a few times for a severe case of scratches, it just kept coming back. Used Curicyn on it and it is completely gone now! Vets are amazed and want to know more about it.”

– American Quarter Horse Association World Champion Team Roper

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